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Rua Monsenhor Manuel Marinho
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Blog nas ondas do hip hop e da música eletrónica de qualidade. Em Português.

ben hauke: gettin twisted


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ben hauke: gettin twisted

Francisco Espregueira

With another high-karat-gold EP, Ben Hauke returns with Gettin Twisted, released through Nervous Records. Composed by four pure house bangers, full of soul influences, this one goes straight to the best dance floors. As it plays through our speakers, we are tempted to invite anyone to come and dance around.

The A-side starts with an R&B infused house anthem - the infectious rhythm progresses as the voice adds a sweet brown sugar taste. A piano loop, complemented with vibrant echoes and a deep groove, grows steadily until the tonearm starts to runaway. On the flipside, the title track keeps on with the celebration moments, while the last one darkens the lights for deeper fulfillment. Now that the nights are warmer, come over to this. Gettin Twisted had us wanting you. And wanting a vinyl edition too.