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biig piig: a world without snooze vol. 2


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biig piig: a world without snooze vol. 2

Francisco Espregueira

One year has passed since Biig Piig released her debut Big Fan Of The Sesh Vol. 1, with honest stories being directly translated from the artist’s mind to music. The new 4-track EP, A World Without Snooze Vol. 2, is another touching piece - the second part of a trilogy, telling different stories that add up to the person she is and the reason she's doing music. Back in November she released “Raze : Plan B“ featuring Benny Mails, followed by an introductory “visual story”, all in the run up to her second EP, now available in full.

Through the four tracks that compose A World Without Snooze Vol. 2, is impossible to not feel the infatuating tribute to a cinematic loneliness, that only Biig Piig is able to create. Like its predecessor, the EP unwinds in the density of slow beats and melancholic confessions. Produced by Mac Wetha and Kxrn, Biig Piig’s A World Without Snooze Vol. 2 is available in all digital formats. The last track, “Vete”, left us without knowing where to go. En dos idiomas. Cigarrillos y botellas de vino.