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biig piig: big fan of the sesh vol. 1


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biig piig: big fan of the sesh vol. 1

Francisco Espregueira

In a way, April 2018 started and ended with british rapper/singer Biig Piig influence all over here. It was on her waves and on the expectation for "Big Fan Of the Sesh Vol. 1" that music played in rainy days during this gloomy piece of time. On the video below, we see a story of someone who just got her heart broken into a million pieces. And it's hard to not feel somehow emotional and fascinated - through sketches of words and melodies of great aesthetic appeal. And that was the intro, earlier this month.

At some point the volume slowly rises to a vibrant beat and an addictive word-play echoes. Now we know that "Dinners Gettin' Cold" is capable of filling grey holes of personal gaps inside for a minute and sixteen seconds.

And then "Big Fan Of the Sesh Vol. 1" unwinds in the density of slow beats and melancholic confessions of a beautiful broken heart. En dos idiomas, "Perdida" came out before. Still smokin' a cig & drinkin' wine until...

Well... there's five tracks to feel it.

When you got someone
Treat him slowly
Mama told me
It all comes back to you...