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harry mosco: peace & harmony


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harry mosco: peace & harmony

Francisco Espregueira

Originally released in 1979, Harry Mosco’s Peace & Harmony LP is a hidden gem that touches upon Disco, Funk, Boogie, Soul and Dub. After his death in 2012, the Adelaide-based label Isle of Jura worked closely with his son on the reissue, digging back 40 years for the official release. Harry Mosco is best known as the founder of the Nigerian Afro-Funk band The Funkees. Originating after the Nigerian Civil War they lead the wave of upbeat music produced by young artists in Nigeria, in response to the darkness of the recently concluded civil conflict. Following the band split in 1977, Harry pursued a solo career.

Peace & Harmony is one of the best examples of Harry’s visionary craft. Writing, arranging and producing each song on the LP, clearly indebted to early Reggae and Dub influences, the album shifts from certified floor fillers and slow jams. Fully remastered in the original sleeve artwork and now repressed on vinyl for the first time, this is a record that crosses the borders of time.