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jambú e os míticos sons da amazônia


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jambú e os míticos sons da amazônia

Francisco Espregueira

Amerindians, Europeans, Africans mingled for decades in Belém do Pará, Brazil. Enveloped by the mystical wonder of the Amazonian forest and overlooking the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, the city itself consists of diverse culture as vibrant and broad as the Amazon itself. The exotic and mysterious sounds of Carimbó, Samba-De-Cacete, Siriá, Bois-Bumbás and bambiá flourisehd on a parallel universe of their own. Released by Analog Africa, Jambú e Os Míticos Sons da Amazônia is an essential world-music album, containing the history of an entire city in its full glory.

Jambú is an exhilarating, cinematic ride into the beauty and heart of what makes Pará's little corner of the Amazon tick. Hips sway, the frantic percussion is never-ending, the big band brass full of power. Mixture of carimbó with siriá, the mystical melodies of Amazonian drums, the hypnotizing cadence of the choirs, and the deep, musical reverence to Afro-Brazilian religions. Available for pre-order, Jambú e Os Míticos Sons da Amazônia is a rare chance for diving into an unknown world. An invaluable release by Analog Africa - “the future of music happened decades ago”.

"Jambú is a plant widely used in Amazonian and Paraense cuisine. Known for having an appetite-stimulating effect, it is added to various dishes and salads but is most famously one of the main ingredients in Tucupi and Tacacá, two delicacies that have been immortalized in countless Carimbó songs. Chewing the leaves of the Jambú plant will leave a strong sensation of tingling on the tongue and lips. Indigenous communities have relied upon its anaesthetic qualities for centuries as an effective remedy against toothaches and as a cure for mouth and throat infections. A decade ago, a distillery from Belém discovered the euphoric effects of the Jambú plant when combined with distilled sugarcane based spirit - known as cachaça - and created the now legendary "Cachaça de Jambú".