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joe corfield & slim: ko-op 2


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joe corfield & slim: ko-op 2

Francisco Espregueira

KO-OP 2 is a split album by Joe Corfield and Slim, two of UK’s most promising beatmakers, taking for themselves a special stage in the instrumental hip hop scene, provided by the Cologne-based label. Following the KO-OP 1 project, by Smoke Trees and Juan Rios, this is another fantastic release from a community dedicated to the art of beatmaking.

The first part of KO-OP 2 showcases Joe Corfield hailing from Birmingham. He has dropped a string of consistently great albums via Radio Juicy and Yogocop, always coming with his very own sound. Futuristic and soulful, with a great ear to detail. Slim is one half of London rap group Summers Sons and he takes the responsibility of guiding us through the second part of the album. The Sons are signed to Melting Pot Music where they have released two albums (Undertones & Uhuru), while Slim has released, on an individual signature, cuts on KO-OP, Brownswood and Banoffee Pie, plus a beatape on Yogocop Records, cementing his trademark of subtle and profound instrumentals.

KO-OP 2 will be released on one LP limited to 500 copies with two individual covers by Rahel Süßkind, a Berlin based artist who is responsible for all KO-OP artwork. A limited cassette edition (100 tapes) will also be on sale.