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kamasi washington: heaven and earth


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kamasi washington: heaven and earth

Francisco Espregueira

Arguably the biggest name currently in the jazz scene, Kamasi Washington has a long odyssey that plays long and beautifully into a summer night. Heaven and Earth is his second full-length album, unfolding over two halves that each run over an hour. Far and away the strongest musical statement of his career.

The saxophonist and bandleader from LA has once again invited the listeners to dig into his ideas and propositions, in form of sounds. Throughout the album we feel this sequence creating a sensation of endless lift. Track after track. Long and complex, Heaven and Earth is an essential release, marking 2018. Here, it's something to enjoy piece by piece, in a convulsion of emotions a long and warm night can induce.

According to the platform Discogs, a surprise third part, The Choice, comes as a CD tucked away in the LP's packaging. An object of collection that is enjoyed and saved and enjoyed.

The Earth side of this album represents the world as I see it outwardly, the world that I am a part of.

The Heaven side of this album represents the world as I see it inwardly, the world that is a part of me. Who I am and the choices I make lie somewhere in between.