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Blog nas ondas do hip hop e da música eletrónica de qualidade. Em Português.

kiefer: happysad


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kiefer: happysad

Francisco Espregueira

Following his debut - and acclaimed - album Kickinit Alone on Leaving Records last year, Kiefer is back with a new full length album. Happysad is a masterful piece of thirteen tracks that, again, blends instrumental hip hop beats with magnificent piano chords. Whereas Kiefer describes Kickinit Alone as “90% focused on all types of sadness”, Happysad is more complex piece.

It's his emotional journal of the last year, portraying the diversity of feelings the author lived - and showcased in brilliant little episodes of great music in his instagram page. The album tastes of both joy and sadness, and how they are always intertwined. The track titles are deliberately left open to interpretation; opening on a confident, blissful note, then segueing into a more dynamic mood before entering a deeper, darker places.

Happysad is out through Stones Throw Records. It's a superior demonstration of talent, once again by one of our favorite artists: Kiefer. One of the best releases of the year. Don't miss it.