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Rua Monsenhor Manuel Marinho
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Blog nas ondas do hip hop e da música eletrónica de qualidade. Em Português.

lausse the cat: alone together


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lausse the cat: alone together

Francisco Espregueira

With piano chords from a Chet Baker's classic, the bass fills the room as Lausse The Cat marks flags with the tip of his pen. The Night. And a Girl. And a Cat.

Eyes glimmer in the window
Looking at the lamp post flicker with a dim glow
admit i've been a bit low lately
since the pillow next to me lays crease-less
stay blessed ten seconds at a time
tho i aint hurting to the point where im sporting a chin strap
fall in love seven times in a day
stay at bay from the woman
wouldn't want another mishap
shit happens, make a bliss track an skeet
see my pillow lays crease-less cause we topple in her sheets
blister in her heart
i wont fix you in a week
but we'll simmer in the dark till you figure what you need
guaranteed to bark once he figures you're with me
then ill scurry to the dark where the post flickers dimly
silhouette enhancing my figure on the streets
whilst my pillow lays crease-less still

lausse the cat back at it again
marks a flag with the tip of his pen
lausse the cat bad habits and blems
handles gals who been ridden by men

lausse the cat back at it again
marks a flag with the tip of his pen
lausse the cat bad habits and blems
attracts shallow girls ridden by men

your boy left you in a swift move
you're done watching How Stella Got Her Grove Back
hurry bell the new cat
hes waiting at the door
grab your shoes and a bag
try excuse the cheeky rudeness
guess its best then just sitting in your blue nest
simmer with the cat and let him do what he do's best
lausse the king courting girls in ralph lauren
whiskers blowing in the wind bring your mood to a new best
keep you busy by contorting in the bed
kitty got the right moves to keep your boyfriend out your head
lausse the kitten got you smitten in the bed
keep your pussy cat amused like i just tossed a ball of thread
spend a little time let him wander with some dead yats
give a little time and he'll be off into a setback
busy in the streets well be busy in the sheets
you'll be busy for a week we'll keep him waiting for a text back