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Blog nas ondas do hip hop e da música eletrónica de qualidade. Em Português.

minus & mr dolly: man with a plan - the outtakes


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minus & mr dolly: man with a plan - the outtakes

Francisco Espregueira

Minus & MRDolly came to our radar with Man With A Plan, released last year through Kids Alone Records. The debut was a demonstration of the producer’s ability to create a consistent soundtrack, wrapping together polished instrumentals and mesmerizing choices of samples. That project is now expanded on a 11-track album called The Outtakes. If the first part of Man with a Plan was a journey where the listener chose the destination, these "leftovers" could perfectly be featured by some voices discreetly suggested by Minus & MRDolly in the title of the themes.

Minus & MRDolly’s sequel is a continuation of the sonic atmosphere present on the first album: an ode to New York's golden age rap, to the city’s back streets vibe and to all those names that once lived it - through instrumentals, through words. These detail-oriented drafts are fearlessly put into instrumental colors, painting sketches of the underground streets of the last stop before New York: Porto, the producer’s hometown, and the starting point for his ideas. His plan carries on in style. For now, The Outtakes is available on digital platforms and formats.

We skate to this.