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robson jorge: 1977


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robson jorge: 1977

Francisco Espregueira

Brazil is rhythm disguised as a country. During the 70's and 80’s arranger, producer, composer, instrumentalist Robson Jorge, together with his partner Lincoln Olivetti, sets the foundations of Brazilian soul music - having doubtlessly influenced one of its major figures, Tim Maia. Responsible for a celebrated pinnacle in the country’s incredible music culture - the 1982 album - Robson and Lincoln were also in charge of writing the arrangements for most of the big MPB stars in the 80’s, which granted them wide recognition.

While Olivetti took most of the fame, Robson Jorge was perhaps the mastermind of the duo, obscured by his own problems with alcohol (which would finally conduce to his precocious demise). The rare Robson Jorge LP 1977 is a testimony of his genius, deeply inspired in the black music coming from the US, with a very own Brazilian twist.

Robson Jorge died alone and forgotten in 1992. He was one of the most important background figures of Brazilian Soul music. 1977 is reissued by Mad About Records, which helps saving an important piece of the country’s musical history, with brand new vinyls of the record. Transitioning from one golden decade to another.