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seb wildblood: grab the wheel ep


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seb wildblood: grab the wheel ep

Francisco Espregueira

Seb Wildblood, one of the most influential artists in the electronic movement flowig from South London, running at the moment three amazing labels - Church, All My Thoughts and Coastal Haze -, moves further in his discography. His most recent EP, Grab The Wheel, is his most dynamic record to date, marking a beautiful and artistic contrast with the producers’ trademark jazzy deep house. This new four-track menu of delicately woven gourmet house beats finds Wildblood at his most immersive and inspired.

Starting things off on a strong ’90s sound-indebted note, the EP seamlessly glides from sustained uptempo rides to beatless daydreaming sequences, before re-combining the drums and pads through a dizzying whirlwind of colours and sensations.

Releasing a project for the first time on the youngest of his three labels - All My Thoughts - with a genre spinning collection of tracks. Grab The Wheel won't alienate the fans who have grown to love Wildblood's charming house sound, but it might win him new ones. The vinyl sold out quickly.