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Rua Monsenhor Manuel Marinho
Porto, Porto, 4150

Blog nas ondas do hip hop e da música eletrónica de qualidade. Em Português.

blacks & blues: spin, don't know why & you know the feeling


Daily Posts about Underground Instrumental Hip Hop, Contemporary Jazz, R&B, Lo Fi & Electronic music

blacks & blues: spin, don't know why & you know the feeling

Francisco Espregueira

On three tracks, the Blacks & Blues project is faithful to the highest standards defined by the 2000Black label, in charge of the release. Wonderfully written and performed by Obenewa, accompanied by the absolute groove of instrumentals and production from Dego and Kaidi Tatham, this small record pushes genre-boundaries on broken beat rhythms.

Learning from the past and looking towards the future, the 2000Black collective was established in 1998, by Dego, a legend in the underground dance music hailing from the UK. Producing and performing sounds rooted in funk, soul, jazz, hip hop, the label defies the genres connected to the African diaspora, forming contemporary approaches within them. The Blacks & Blues project is their most recent example of that - a magnificent demonstration of instinct and knowledge. Probably sold out, we still have to recommend the vinyl edition.