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Rua Monsenhor Manuel Marinho
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Blog nas ondas do hip hop e da música eletrónica de qualidade. Em Português.

c.s. armstrong & torky tork: truth be told


Daily Posts about Underground Instrumental Hip Hop, Contemporary Jazz, R&B, Lo Fi & Electronic music

c.s. armstrong & torky tork: truth be told

Francisco Espregueira

With ten tracks music that could’ve been created 40 years ago, that can be heard 40 years from now, Truth Be Told is a masterpiece from Houston-native C.S. Armstrong and his blessed voice. And he performs. Torky Tork takes care of the instrumentals, making this an international product of these days, connecting L.A. to Berlin.

Invited to sing on the COLORS Berlin platform, producer Torky Tork offered his hospitality. When the singer came by, he told stories from L.A., from studio sessions with people like Dr. Dre. And he wanted to hear loops. Torky tapped the MPC, first wanted to cut up samples and glue them together again. Armstrong wanted the material as untreated as possible, as raw as possible. That's how his vocals would eventually develop: improvised and unfiltered.

The result is Truth Be Told. Living on wonderful samples from the past, and on a voice carrying a spontaneous flow of consciousness. Available on a limited vinyl edition, courtesy of HHV.