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Blog nas ondas do hip hop e da música eletrónica de qualidade. Em Português.

kiefer: bridges


Daily Posts about Underground Instrumental Hip Hop, Contemporary Jazz, R&B, Lo Fi & Electronic music

kiefer: bridges

Francisco Espregueira

Kiefer’s new EP, Bridges, whilst remaining truthful to his jazz and hip hop roots - following the fantastic Happysad full length - is an opportunity to take his sound in new directions. No longer driven solely by the artist’s signature piano, in Bridges we hear Kiefer experimenting with new instruments, with a new emphasis on arrangements and orchestration - steering away from the improvisatory, beat-tape styles of songs on the successful previous projects, Kickinit Alone and Happysad.

Released last friday, through Stones Throw Records, the title refers to the connection between Kiefer’s early music and his current output, involving a delicious range of analogue synths. Beginning on a classical note, the EP sounds intimate from the second it starts. Kiefer then proceeds to different levels on his keyboard abilities. The head-nodding beats play a fundamental part in the mood he creates, but the full flavor comes with the piano and the array of synths. Bridges is brilliant piece. Available on cassette.