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too slow to disco brasil: compiled by ed motta


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too slow to disco brasil: compiled by ed motta

Francisco Espregueira

The Brazil Edition of Too Slow to Disco is escorted by one of the very best, a certain Mr. Ed Motta. TSTD takes a dive into an often overlooked side of Brazilian music with a 19-track selection of some of the best soul & disco, coming from that dreamy-tropical setting. Let us introduce you to Ed's minimix of the LP.

Ed Motta is in fact, and forever it has been, a restless collector of new music, ideas and obsessions. The guy breathes music from dawn to dusk. The perfect curator for this magnificent compilation, then.

Including super-obscure figures like Carlos Bivar or Gelson Oliveira & Luiz Ewerling – both of whose songs here derive from privately pressed albums - he also gathered together a real pantheon of Brazilian musical heroes like Rita Lee, Cassiano or Roupa Nova.

We take a word from Ed: "Before slipping this LP on, you need to nail the AOR modus opeara… That means: a Hawaiian shirt à la Magnum PI, loafers without socks as in Miami Vice, jump in your convertible and drive under the coconut trees. This is a sunset ride through Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, Miami, Hawaii. Aloha!“

The LP's limited edition it's available for good-taste collectors out there. 19 tracks to listen for years to come.

The thing about parties, said Janice, putting down her drink, is you need to arrive with someone connected, someone… cool. Otherwise you’re jus’ gonna get bummed out, stuck chatting to some realtor or God forbid, a dentist from West Hollywood. ‘Nother Caipirinha?